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Breaking in a Brooks

I knew a guy once who broke in his new Brooks saddle by riding a 145-mile sportive, at night, on a fixed-wheel bicycle – and what’s more he was so offhand about it that when he was telling me about the ride the next day he only mentioned casually and in passing that he’d been breaking in a new perch. I am not quite so hardy as all that, but I have to say that I have never found breaking in a Brooks saddle to be all that big a deal.

To be sure, I haven’t broken in all that many but then again with these doughty leather saddles you don’t really need to; if you look after them properly they’ll last you the rest of your life.

Finding the Right Saddle

No component on a bicycle is more personal than the saddle, and no saddle could be more personal than an old-fashioned leather one which moulds itself over time to the precise shape of your sit bones. In doing so it becomes uniquely yours, for life, as comfortable as a cozy old armchair – something you never give a second thought to when you hop aboard and go for a ride. I like my Brooks B-17. But what seems supremely comfortable to me, may be an instrument of torture for you. The quest for the right saddle for you is one you have to make on your own. Nobody can help.