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Embracing My Inner MAMIL

Until only a few years ago I had never worn lycra in my life and indeed would have scoffed at the very idea of my ever doing so. That sort of look just wasn’t ‘me’, not even in my younger, leaner and fitter days, and still less was it ‘me’ as I matured into my…


So there you are – you’ve just spent a lot of time and thought, to say nothing of money making over your much-loved old bicycle, or designing a dream new one, so that it looks just the way you want it to look; a perfect expression of your cycling history, ideals and open road aspirations. And then you go looking for a water bottle to put in those beautiful old-style wire bottle cages you imported from the United States – and suddenly everything goes pear-shaped because despite all your care and hard work, your discerning eye and all your willingness to source just the right bits and pieces, all you can find are garishly coloured plastic things, usually with outsized corporate logos. Not a one of these things do you want on your bicycle, but what choice do you have? They don’t seem to make them any other way.

The Beauty of Cream Tyres

I generally take my coffee black, no cream, no sugar, no nonsense, and until a few months ago I’d have said pretty much the same thing about the way I take my bicycle tyres too – straight black, double shot. After forty-seven years of riding the same-old, same-old, it wouldn’t even have occurred to me to put cream-coloured treads on a bicycle. Like Henry Ford and his early Model-Ts, my vision for bike tyres extended only to … black.