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The Magical English Countryside

I do love riding in England. Where else could you find yourself pedalling along a picturesque country lane, all hedgerows and sheep grazing in the meadows, then look up to see a mediaeval gate just sitting there, all on its own in the countryside, an evocative ruin brooding in the dampness of a cold grey…

Off to the Jubilee

Being the sort of fellow who likes to have a little pomp with his circumstance, I’m stabling my bicycles for a couple of days and heading up to London with the wife and kids to see some of the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It’s not often an English monarch manages to log three…

Two Englands

There are days when I wonder why I ever moved to England, when I decide this is a crazy place to live: stressful, crowded, expensive, and mindlessly, exuberantly bureaucratic. But then I slip away down the lanes on my bicycle on fine warm spring mornings such as this, with the last of the season’s bluebells still in flower along the roadside and honeyed sunshine dipping through the branches and suddenly I feel incredibly fortunate to be living here, pedaling through such storybook landscapes, and feeling as though I’d ridden into the pages of some cozy old novel. And then, as I spin along these pretty Sussex lanes, I find myself thinking what a splendid place England is and how I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.