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Race Around the World – The Armchair View

At nine o’clock this morning ten intrepid cyclists set out from Greenwich to race each other around the world, alone and self-supported. I like that there should be such a race. With its old-fashioned sense of derring-do and gallant young men in jaunty jalopies, and the weeks of hardy travel involved, it is the perfect restorative to a 21st century world made small and mean and over-familiar by cheap air travel and a gazillion frequent flier miles.

Pole Position

The South Pole - Photo by Josh Landis

They call it the sleigh ride: the three-hour flight on a ski-equipped Hercules cargo plane from the U.S. base at McMurdo to that most exotic of Antarctic destinations: the South Pole. Schoolboy keen, I showed up early at the icy airstrip, bundled up, bags packed, eager to go. It was the summer of 2000 and…