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Watching Le Tour

For a variety of reasons I have not been at sea nearly as much as I had hoped or expected on this assignment – hence my more regular-than-expected posts. Instead of riding the waves I have been killing time day by day in small town hotel rooms feeling alternately like the Bill Murray character in…

A Friday Matinee

In what is bound to be a delight for history buffs and lovers of old-style bicycles and craftsmanship, the British Council has this week posted 120 original newsreel-style ‘heritage’ films on its website and made them available for download – including an old black-and-white documentary on how Raleigh bicycles were made back in the glory days of bikes and Britain when the company’s Nottingham factory was turning out more than 200,000 bicycles a week.

The vintage films, which were shot in the ’30s. ’40s, and ’50s and which have been preserved in the British Film Institute’s archives for the past few decades, were supposed to offer snapshots of British cultural, industrial, political and sporting heritage and were shown to schoolchildren at home and abroad, and at British embassies and consulates around the world. The one on Raleigh bicycles was filmed in 1946.

My Heck of The North

I felt a bit churlish this morning, grousing as I was about the chilly rain that was pattering down around me as I set off on my ride and the raw gusty winds that were blowing along the seafront and out across the marshes. After all, what had I to complain about? My damp and…