Thieves are about!

Luna Park, Sydney

Bicycle security is something I take extremely seriously so I was disconcerted the other night when our next door neighbour knocked to tell me that his shed had been broken into and his bicycle stolen. What’s more he’d heard that  other people’s sheds up the road had also been plundered within the past week and…



Although I have scarcely touched my bicycle during the three weeks of Le Tour, I have most definitely enjoyed the riding of others and the spectacular scenery of the Alps and Pyrenees – both of which are places I aspire to ride one day. Although Chris Froome comes across as kind of a chilly persona,…

Brownie Points in Heaven?

An old airstream tralier turned hot dog stand along the Thames near the Tate gallery with the dome of St Pauls' Cathedral in the background

I am hoping I earned a few brownie points with The Man upstairs this week, when I allowed  the nice folks at St Paul’s Cathedral use one of my image, above, on their Facebook page. Unbeknownst to me it was National Hot Dog Day yesterday and my photo of this classic Airstream hot dog stand…

A Lovely Morning Ride

Hastings promenade, Hastings East Sussex England

I went for a lovely ride Saturday morning – one of the best. I didn’t go far and I didn’t go fast, but I had wonderful company in the form of my 12 year-old daughter Ella who reminded me  on Friday night that she wanted to get up bright and early in the morning and…

1066 Country Walk

Country Walk-1

In the course of my wandering around lately with a rucksack full of camera gear on my back, I’ve been reminded just how good an exercise walking is – and how different are the muscles you use.  Even in my present unfit state I can cycle quite a ways without feeling stiff the next day,…

Boats & Gulls, Hastings

gulls wheeling and screeching over newly landed fishing boats on the beach at Hastings, East Sussex

Another glimpse of Hastings on a pleasant summer’s day. High tide and the local fishing fleet is coming in to shore at the working end of the beach with their loads of cuttlefish, bound for markets in Spain and France. And with them come noisy flocks of seagulls, wheeling and screeching overhead.  I love being…

The Sunshine Coast- St Leonards-on-Sea

Marine Court - completed in 1938 and a fine example of streamline moderne architecture on the seafront of St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

Long before cheap flights to Spain changed the whole holiday equation, the south coast of England was  the honeypot for sun-seekers, with seaside towns in Sussex such as Hastings and Eastbourne boasting of their glorious health giving sunshine. Indeed the two towns share  the UK record for the most hours of sunshine logged in a…

Seaside Idyll, Hastings

Fishing boat in Hastings, England

Yesterday was the hottest July day on record in Britain with the mercury touching a record 36.7C – that’s 98F in old money – at Heathrow Airport, and a slightly balmier 30-ish here on the Sussex coast. Down at the working end of the beach at Hastings, where fishermen were landing their catches of cuttlefish…

Summertime in Hastings

Gelatovendor on Hastings seafront, Hastings England

I’ve not been on my bicycle lately – partly because of injury (painful side strain) and partly because my training plans have been derailed by work, and an increasing dislike of writing anything at all.  My eyes much prefer looking at distant horizons than close-up laptop screens. And so this morning, having spent many hours…

Mr Hays & I

Hays Code - Everything Will Hays did not like

My apologies for seeming to neglect my blog lately but my internet provider has not only seen fit to install a ‘Kid Safe’ governor on my web access but that same ‘Kid Safe’ program deemed this website to be inappropriate fare because of it’s alleged ‘drug, alcohol, and tobacco content.’ The mind boggles.