The Green Flash

Green Flas II-1No, not a post about Mark Cavendish and the odds of his winning the green jersey in this year’s Tour de France but about the tantalising, elusive burst of green light that occasionally comes with sunrises or sunsets at sea – at the precise moment leading edge of the sun’s disc rises above the horizon in the morning, or the instant the last of it slips below the horizon at dusk. People who have never witnessed this phenomenon often dismiss it as a myth or optical illusion, but it exists. I have had the optics of it all explained to me by an atmospheric physicist, who described the warping of the first (or last) rays of the sun as they burst over the horizon so that the rays of green light are the only ones through the atmosphere – for just a brief microsecond.  It is most readily  observed  on the flat horizons at sea, particularly when the sky is clear and the atmosphere is still. There is even a violet flash, but this is rarer. I have only ever seen the violet flash once, while sailing through the Doldrums between West Africa and Brazil on a clear still morning when the sea was like glass.

I have seen the green flash, on the other hand, many times, as recently as this morning when I watched the sunrise from the hilltop house where I am staying.  It was beautiful and very, very transitory. It is never an easy thing to photograph. I had my camera trained on the spot where I knew the sun was about to rise and my reflexes (and the camera’s) were nearly quick enough to catch the green flash in its prime.  It was fading to yellow-green when the shutter closed. So here it is. I’ll do Mark Cavendish another time.


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  1. March 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    This is a phenomenon I have never seen, maybe because I had never heard of it before! Something to look out for when I am next in a location and time suitable for it.

    If this is the view from your residence out there, by showing it you are not making us in the cold damp UK feel much better about our lot 😉

    • Roff Smith
      March 3, 2013 at 6:28 pm

      The green flash is magical and worth looking for when you are at sea or looking over a sea horizon.And yup, that is the view from the hilltop house where I am staying. It is as nice here as it looks…

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