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Welcome to My Bicycle and I

My name is Roff Smith and this is my blog. By way of further  introduction I am a magazine writer and photographer who loves bicycles and cycling—not to race or get fit or even commute, but for the simple pleasure of being abroad in the world on two skinny wheels. Since I enjoy writing and photography nearly as much as I enjoy riding my bicycle, I decided to put together this eclectic collection of stories, essays, reviews and columns, generally involving bicycles but not always; I stray a bit on occasion.

Being a literary type decided to call it My Bicycle and I.

Most of the reading, writing, riding and photography that  is to be found on this website takes place along the Sussex coast, near Hastings, where I live these days, although there are stories in here from as far afield as the South Pole, the Australian outback, palm-fringed paradises in the South Seas, Istanbul, the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the far northern isles of Scotland. I have been very lucky in that a combination of personal inclination and many years contributing to National Geographic and other such magazines has taken me around the world many times.

My Bicycle and I has been running now since 2011 and this month (June 2014) I decided to give it a bit of an update, with new layouts and photo galleries. Posts can be found by tapping ‘Journal’ on the menu above while hovering your cursor over ‘Galleries” will reveal a drop-down menu listing my various photo slide shows. You can choose from that by clicking on the one you want to see. To find my photography website – – tap here.

I hope you’ll find some things on here that you like.