Seaside Idyll, Hastings

Fishing boat in Hastings, England

Yesterday was the hottest July day on record in Britain with the mercury touching a record 36.7C – that’s 98F in old money – at Heathrow Airport, and a slightly balmier 30-ish here on the Sussex coast. Down at the working end of the beach at Hastings, where fishermen were landing their catches of cuttlefish…

Summertime in Hastings

Gelatovendor on Hastings seafront, Hastings England

I’ve not been on my bicycle lately – partly because of injury (painful side strain) and partly because my training plans have been derailed by work, and an increasing dislike of writing anything at all.  My eyes much prefer looking at distant horizons than close-up laptop screens. And so this morning, having spent many hours…

Mr Hays & I

Hays Code - Everything Will Hays did not like

My apologies for seeming to neglect my blog lately but my internet provider has not only seen fit to install a ‘Kid Safe’ governor on my web access but that same ‘Kid Safe’ program deemed this website to be inappropriate fare because of it’s alleged ‘drug, alcohol, and tobacco content.’ The mind boggles.

The Training Diet

Fish & Chips-1

Greetings all from deepest Cornwall where the Smith family has retreated for the half-term bucket-and-spade holiday and where I am engaged in improving my fitness through diet – specifically cream teas, fish & chips, fudge, ice cream and the full Cornish breakfast, otherwise known as heart-attack-on-a-plate. I feel as though I am making great progress.…



They say that in the final analysis we often regret more the things that we did not do than the things we did. That is certainly the case with my cycling jaunt to Istanbul which I did fifteen years ago and have written about else where on this site. At the time I toyed quite…


Snow Scene – Norway

Snowy afternoon in Tromso Norway

Again, not exactly a post about bicycles or cycling other than perhaps a fine example of non-cycling weather, but one of the days when I was in Norway last week we had one of the most beautiful snowfalls I’ve ever seen. It had been snowing for most of the morning, but then suddenly the flakes…

Tromsø – Paris of the North

Snowy scene on Storgata in Tromsø, Norway

Nineteenth century visitors  to Tromsø, surprised by the elegance and style and sophistication of Norway’s northernmost city, nicknamed the place ‘the Paris of the North’.  It is where I have been this past week. While the comparison with Paris may be over-egging the pudding just a teensy bit, Tromsø is certainly surprisingly stylish, with its…

Beautiful Blue Highway

The Danube showed me many colours - among them a beautiful blue

Readers with long memories might just recall that in August 2013 I went off on a travel magazine assignment that involved – indeed was centred upon – cycling. I had to be rather mysterious  about the whole thing because magazine editors, not unreasonably, like to keep under wraps the content of their forthcoming issues. It…

Twilight on The Thames

Twilight falls over the Thames with St Pauls Cathedral in the distance

I have long been a  Joseph Conrad fan – Heart of Darkness, Typhoon and Lord Jim being old favourites. I especially love the opening in the Heart of Darkness. It’s day’s end, not on the Congo but along the Thames,  with  Marlow and four other men – the  Director of Companies, a lawyer, an accountant…